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Welcome to Carbi-Tech, Inc. We specialize in creative and cost effective solutions and currently serve the automotive, electronic, consumer, and medical markets. Our range of services consists of:

Stamped Prototyping and Insert Molding

Carbi-Tech can speed your projects prototype and pre-production lead time by assisting you in your stamped part design, as well as ensuring the final part is as lean and manufacturable as possible. We can then produce prototype parts for testing and/or early production runs. Carbi-Tech can also be your single source even if your part requires electro-plating or over-molding. Please click here to learn more about our stamped prototyping and insert molding capabilities.

Production Stamping

Whether you need a stamping die built, or simply want to transfer your tool to our facility, we offer a contract stamping service with excellent lead time and quality. Our largest advantage as a company is our ability to be agile, whether that means running your part with hours notice, or a rapid die geometry change that we alter on site and have in the press in as little as a day. Our stamping department is ISO 9001 qualified and working towards TS certification. Please click here to learn more about our production stamping capabilities.

Die Building and Spares

Whether you have a stamping die design prepared, or are simply starting with a stamped part design, Carbi-Tech can design, build, and debug anything from simple blanks to complicated progressive formed parts. We also offer die maintenance and spares for any die we have produced, as well dies from other manufactures. We pride ourselves on lead-time and often turn around die down spare orders in 24 hours to keep your production running smoothly. Please click here to learn more about our die building and spare capabilities.


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